Opening speech “Accepting an award for an achievement”

First of all, Let me say thanks to Allah SWT, which has given guidance and blessing to me,So i can stand here with good health. Our Sholawat and greeting are always delivered on our Great Prophet Muhammad SAW, which has brought us from darkness to brighter.Thanks you for mother, father, brother and other relatives that i would been pround of. I would not be standing here without your support as well. And for mom, who always support and pray for each of what I do. I love you mom.

A lot of people give up dreaming,But here I’m making it happen.This is a prove that it is possible after all, no matter where you come from.when you believe it you can make it.Every struggle in my life have shaped me into the person i am today. i am so thankful for the hard times,they can only make me more stronger.I dedicate this award to my mom and my brother for being my true inspiration.can-stock-photo_csp29833815


HELLO,this is me🙆

Hi,this is my first,i would like to introduce my self.My name is selda rez. You can call me selda. I live in Bandar Lampung, I live with my father, my mother, my sister and my brother.i am a moslem.i really love my family,because they’re my everything,without them i am nothing.they always give support for me,listening my story,and always beside me.

My hobies are listen the music, watch movie,especially drama K-pop,action movie,fantasy movie,science fiction too. because all that make me happy and entertain my self.but i don’t like scary movie,it’s really make me the way for the food,i like the sausage,beef,noodle.I graduated from Al-Kautsar Bandar Lampung high school, and now I am studying at University of Lampung,communication 2014.the reason why i choose communication,because i want to be a hijab presenter.

My face is round and narrow. I have small and black eyes. Flat nose and I also weraing eyeglasses.i wearing hijab. I am short and normal weight. I am slim and then I have fair skin. I like to wear jeans, t-shirt and dress. I also to wear flat shoes, jacket and use backpack.

I have pleasant personality. Iam very friendly, sometimes I am shy if I meet new people. I also fairly out going but not dominating, I am confident. Sometimes I become annoying person and selfish. I like study hard and I smile a lot.

My future plans are very definite, first I am going to improve english and then finish my study in university of lampung for four years. After that I want go to Java to work.especially broadcasting work. I want to be a successful because success belong to everyone. The first thing i want make my parent happy. I want travelling of the world, especially korea,italy,and spain.😁

this is little story about me, see u on the next posting guys😘